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Moxie Solar is the headquarters in the Cedar Rapids, IA, area for expert solar installation at completely economical prices.

Solar installation is a science in and of itself. The panels must be of the right size and number to provide the correct amount of power for the size of the building in question. They must be positioned precisely for maximum solar collection.

That is why so many in Cedar Rapids turn to the certified PV installers at Moxie Solar. We initially measure and collect the data we need to establish the elements your system will require, whether you want the maximum power possible or simply need solar to power a single operation.

Once you have agreed to our estimate, our team of three to five workmen will arrive at your site as scheduled to perform the solar installation. They will have all the materials and tools needed, so there will be no delays in completing your project and they will endeavor to minimize any disruptions to your routine.

During the installation, our team will collect and dispose of any waste. We don’t typically use heavy equipment during residential equipment installation and no dumpsters need to be located on your site. We will need a 10- to 14-foot trailer for our equipment and tools.

For the best in solar installation, call on the pros that Cedar Rapids uses at Moxie Solar. Contact us and join the Moxie Movement today.

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