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Deciding to go solar is an investment in the future of your home or business. Because of this, at Moxie Solar, we have developed a three-step process to help our Cedar Rapids, IA, neighbors with that decision: Solar Insight, Solar Initiation, and Solar Installation.

In the first step, Solar Insight, Moxie Solar will confer with you about the benefits that solar power can provide you and introduce you to the systems we offer. We will look at your utility bills and determine your power consumption and needs.

Then we also will examine your sun exposure for panel locations, determine the slope needed for maximum collection, investigate the building’s electrical panels, and do all the measurements to determine the materials and elements your system will require.

A solar energy system using photovoltaics, commonly referred to as PV, is one of the primary systems in use in our region of the country. Thanks to advances in technology, the cost of these systems is now about a tenth of what it was only 20 years ago.

With Solar Insight, you can see how this technology can help your individual home or business. We can design a system that will provide most of your power or that will power only a portion of your operation.

Consider these benefits to having Moxie Solar install a solar PV system:

• Grid – You are always connected to the general power grid to provide power when the solar system can’t, such as at night.

• Spin – When it is providing power, the solar system can give you excess, which will reverse the spin on your power meter as you provide power to the grid, saving you money.

• Green – PV systems do not pollute and help you avoid using the polluting power provided by nuclear or coal-generating plants.

So, call the pros at Moxie Solar in Cedar Rapids today and gain Solar Insight into how solar energy systems can help you save money and reduce pollution, and if you are a candidate for turning to the sun.

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