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Learn how solar power can save you on your energy bills before you buy with Solar Insight from Moxie Solar.
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Solar Initiation | Moxie Solar | Cedar Rapids, IA | 8556694387
So, call the pros at Moxie Solar in Cedar Rapids today and gain Solar Insight into how solar energy systems can help you save money and reduce pollution, and if you are a candidate for turning to the sun.
Solar Insight
Contact Moxie Solar in Cedar Rapids today and join the Moxie Movement with a complete and thorough Solar Initiation.
Solar Initiation
Solar Installation | Moxie Solar | Cedar Rapids, IA | 8556694387
For the best in solar installation, call on the pros that Cedar Rapids uses at Moxie Solar. Contact us and join the Moxie Movement today.
Solar Installation

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Solar Insight

Solar Initiation

Solar Installation

Solar Insight

Solar Initiation | Moxie Solar | Cedar Rapids, IA | 8556694387

Deciding to go solar is an investment in the future of your home or business. Because of this, at Moxie Solar, we have developed a three-step process to...

Solar Initiation

Solar Initiation | Moxie Solar | Cedar Rapids, IA | 8556694387

When you have decided to go solar, depend on Moxie Solar to give your home or business in the Cedar Rapids, IA, area a thorough overview in preparation...

Solar Installation

Solar Installation | Moxie Solar | Cedar Rapids, IA | 8556694387

Moxie Solar is the headquarters in the Cedar Rapids, IA, area for expert solar installation at completely economical prices. Solar installation is a...

Solar energy is well within your reach. For the best in installation, call on the specialists at Moxie Solar.

Welcome to Moxie Solar

Mankind has depended on the sun for light and heat throughout human history. The sun, in fact, is a giant ball of energy that you can tap into with help from the crew at Moxie Solar, the source in Cedar Rapids, IA, for a complete solar installation process provided at reasonable prices.

At Moxie Solar, the goal is to serve you through the entire move to solar. This starts with the decision to install a solar power system and extends to working with utility companies on your behalf and to finding you funding and grants that will lessen the overall cost.

We are passionate about the environment and excited about being able to help others join the solar movement. We have even taken to calling our program of installation services the Moxie Movement. It includes:

• Solar Insight – This is the initial consultation when we will confer with you to go over your solar options and how we can be of help.

• Solar Initiation – In this process, we establish the data and information needed to determine what is needed in your individual case and present you with a proposal.

• Solar Installation – Our crew installs your system and it is inspected for compliance and to make sure you are satisfied.

Moxie Solar is the only company in the Cedar Rapids area that can provide you with this complete, soup-to-nuts program for the installation of your solar system. We are proud of the reputation we have gained for being able to provide the kind of information our neighbors need to make such a large investment in their future.

Solar is the fastest growing energy sector on the globe, and the power of solar is only increasing as technology has allowed solar providers to offer better systems at lower costs. Systems we offer can be installed in single homes, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, agricultural facilities, schools, hospitals, and more.

In addition to helping the environment by decreasing your carbon footprint, moving to solar represents an investment in savings. Federal and state tax incentives help cut the initial costs, but the experts at Moxie Solar can show you how much you can save on your actual energy bill and the return on investment solar can bring.

Save on energy bills and do your part for the environment. Contact us at Moxie Solar in Cedar Rapids for that initial consultation that will make you part of the Moxie Movement.

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